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Welcome to Eva Beauty Center 

... a place here sprit meets the senses and innovation becomes beauty with the great pride in providing a haven from the cares and dress of modern life. At hot spring beauty, we offer the highest quality of nail/ eyelash extensions / skincare/ waxing/ massage services. Our highest educated, experienced professionals are committed to providing our clients with an experience in fashion, fun, and relaxation unmatched by anyone.


Eva Beauty Center Boston

What We Do

Skincare is one of the most important general health of your body. Skincare treatment keeps your skin looking its very best. There will be nothing works better out there making your life happier when everyone (including yourself) notices the differences.

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Facial Treatments.
Regular Facial ....
Cleansing , Peeling,Steam,Facial Massage, Shoulder and Neck Massage, Mask ..                                                   Once $38  *  6 Time $190
Moisturizing Deep Cleaning Facial Using a miniature vacuum cleaner or remove Blackheads and Whiteheads, plus Regular Facial Package..                    Once $45 *  6 Time $230.00
Acnes Treatment & Sensitive Skin using a high frequency, prevents inflammation, Acne Mask Cream and Mask plus above service...
Once $55  * 6 Time $300
Whitening Treatment
High Frequency Repels dark spots,Freckles & Whiteheads,  & Whitening Mask plus above service..
Once $55  *  6 Time $330
Please Call for more detail...

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